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William Waters III - N7IPY

Design Projects, Flying and More
Welcome to my web page.  

Found on this web page are a number of the electronic design projects that I have done over the years, including: Amateur Radio, Robotics, and Aviation.  One of my old projects is a lighting design project that was designed and built to control a large number of lights for Christmas or other special purpose lighting displays.  Christmas of 2010 was the last year for the display as I retired it.  For details on any of these projects, select the Design Projects link and have a look.

Another ongoing project is the construction of a full scale robot from the Lost In Space Series that ran from 1965-1967.  This project will take many years as there is much to hand make and it looks to be a project that may be expensive.  To see the status of the B9 Robot, go to the Design Projects Link, then B9-Robot.  I enjoy working with technology so follow this Amateur Radio link to see what I have been doing with communications.  Finally I started a company called Portable Rotation and developed an Ultra-Portable Antenna Rotor System for use by Amateur Radio Operators who are operating Portable and using directional antennas.  You can read about all the above by following the links to the Right.

Design Projects: A number of microcontroller projects I have invented and developed over the years.


Amateur Radio:  I also enjoy working with Amateur Radio, See my Radio projects here.


Portable Rotation:  Some basic information about the project and a link to the company web site:


Contact Info: How to get in touch with me.

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